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The Evil Lair of the Infectiously Lovecraftian Pyrate Juggalo....

Since i was 4 years old, i have been haunted by a presence,

i call Pook, he is known by many as Nyarlathotep,

in my earlier years it was a detachment from people and wanting to 

self-create in solitude, Unfortunately in my later years has 

manifested as uncontrollable rage on anyone would dare to

get too close. The World gone insane is his Game, and i am his Rook.

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Old Ones

A journey into True Lovecraftian Horror for 1.12.2   ⚫️🩸⚫️  Otherwise Known as The Minecraft Haven Mod

Bust That Ghost 2 : GB in Vertoak!!!     A Tribute to Pook's Origin and Childhood!!!

Ultimate Supernatural Gozerian Lovecraftian Horror in Minecraft,

Get it Here for 1.16.5: Download

All our Modpacks can be found on our Discord: 📱

DJ Rhys's  VAMPIRE                                                   A Tribute to VTM: LA by Night

The Cult of Cthulhu

In "Silence is Golden" i mention there's only one fukkin cult that's ever exist, and if you don't know me you ain't in it, This would be The Cult of Cthulhu, which i am currently a member, Lovecraftian Enthusiasm and Universal Discovery and Acceptance can all be found here, however we often look at life as beautiful but bleak and deadly, those wishing to join should either be of love to lovecraft and/or wishing to know our truths and theories or already do and have found an internal acceptance of it, we don't like trouble makers but welcome many to our doors....

Ask for our wonderful first, Wyntre.


Shout Out!!!! Whoop!!!! Whoop!!!!

Let's not forget our friends @ Psychopathic

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And the Always Crazy Fresh MC Chris

& Much Love and Appreciation to Sviolet13💋

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Pook E Wickit, Captain of PyrateCore
Pook E Wickit, Captain of PyrateCore
Pook E Wickit (Aaron Breneman)