Pook E Wickit

In ThE DarK...♠︎

♠︎**609 King's Way Herald**♠︎           ~The Infectously LoveCraftian Vorish Juggalo

Currently on Morté Canto IV : As I Pass

A unique look into the Misery of Pook through Nyars eyes for once.

The first of my songs not written by me, but by Nyarlathotep himself, Spoken through my crazy voice.

Current Morté: HELL

Ready to Go, Awaiting Distribution
Ready to Go, Awaiting Distribution

Johnny Womble

If you would like to Support Johnny Womble and his Works, although i can't sell his work as a cover Artist, he has appeared in skit on my Album Rum and Blood found here

It can only be found on our release of the Album and a portion of the album sale goes directly to Johnny for his contribution, this is a great way to support both him and myself, until i can convince him to record his own album that is 😉 


Messing with BoomPlay

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