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Pook E Wickit

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What is Pyratecore?

Pyratecore 101

What is Pyratecore you ask? Simple, pyratecore is a combination of two musical elements, Singing and Shantying. Wait what? Shantying? You mean like Pirate sea shanties,

Why Yes we Do!!!


A Sea Shanty is a song sung to one's work, like a tune to carry out the day, which can be spoken in the way of a poetic discussion, Shantying is a very Malleable song writing style and mixed with a Epic Level Style of Singing hooked in a Modern Day setting creates the Genre Pyratecore, in mine heavily inspired by the song "When i was Older" by Billie Eilish, i tend to reflect a lot of my musical style with the feeling of being drowned, weighted down by the world or personal emotions hence so also embodies the Musical power behind Pyratecore.